VR Real Estate Tours

Looking to sell a residential or commercial real estate property in an innovative, exciting and most importantly, effective way? Arrakis-VR can help you create an immersive virtual tour, with 360 vision, that will make your buyers feel as if they’re inside the building.

VR Hotel Visits

Today, there is no need for your clients to travel far away from home in order to fall in love with your hotel or resort; Arrakis-VR team can create an interactive tour of your hotel grounds, room, spa and more, including customized special offers for each visitor to make the reservation process easier and friendlier for your future guests.

VR Experiences

From an immersive tour of an art exhibition renowned gallery anywhere around the world, to an adrenaline-charged roller-coaster or highly realistic interactive game, we can create incredible and unforgettable experiences of any kind.

Special Solutions

For us at Arrakis-VR, no project is too big, small, or challenging. According to your needs, budget, deadlines, and project requirements, we can create the perfect customized solution.
So, share with us your craziest dreams, and we will make it happen.